Phoenix Software has announced the local availability of Bento 3 Personal Database by Filemaker, bringing new ways to view, use and share photos, contacts, calendars, files and more.

Bento 3 is the new version of the popular personal database for the Mac. For the first time ever, Bento 3 integrates with iPhoto from Apple, allowing you to store more info about your photos and link to contacts, projects, events and other information stored in Bento. Bento 3 also delivers new ways to share information by sharing Bento libraries with up to five users over a wired or wireless local network.
For users managing lists in Microsoft Excel or iWork Numbers, bringing the information into Bento is as simple as copy and paste or use of the easy import feature. Information can then be viewed in beautiful Bento forms, providing data entry, iTunes-style searching, an Advanced Find feature, quick sorting, instant summary stats, and much more in a personal database format.
In addition, users can view any library in the new Grid view to show a grid of images or thumbnail views of your forms. This Grid can be customised to display additional information under each thumbnail that is most relevant, like phone numbers or email addresses for all contacts. Additionally, customised thumbnail forms can be created and viewed.
Bento 3 performs a variety of functions:
* Organise contacts, clubs and mailing lists;
* Track projects, tasks, and deadlines;
* Plan special events, parties and weddings;
* Link photos to contacts, projects, and events;
* Manage students, classes, and lecture notes;
* Search wine and movie collections;
* Catalogue inventory, assets, and equipment;
* Record billable hours and payments due;
* Keep a daily log of diet and exercise; and
* Store recipes and shopping lists.