Maxiprest, a supplier of truck, bus and earthmover tyres, has slashed its monthly telephone bills by well over 10% after investing in a least cost routing (LCR) solution from Du Pont Telecom.

It is also benefiting from a powerful telephone management system and the outsourcing of its telecoms equipment maintenance to Du Pont.
The latest savings were achieved after Maxiprest had already taken active steps to reduce its telephony costs.  It had implemented a telephone management system, installed PABXs in all its branches and had negotiated ‘per second’ billing from Telkom.
While it had achieved some savings, it felt that more could be done. After thoroughly researching the market, Maxiprest turned to Du Pont Telecom to take its cost-savings to the next level.
Du Pont implemented an innovative and cost-effective LCR solution that utilises TELES Mobile Gateway technology which replaces the traditional LCR methodology of deploying routers at each site.  Instead, the LCR SIMs are stored centrally, enabling minutes from every SIM to be utilised equally across all branches.
This ensures that all ‘free minutes’ bundled with each SIM are used every month prior to more expensive, out-of-bundle minutes kicking in.
“Because of its ability to maximise SIM utilisation, the solution has proved ideal for Maxiprest’s smaller branches which usually ended up ‘wasting’ their free minutes in the conventional LCR configuration,” explains Du Pont Telecom CEO Graeme Victor.
Du Pont Telecoms also supplied Maxiprest with a web-based Maestro telephone management system to enable the company to monitor its entire telecoms spend via any service provider.
“The system makes our telecommunications much simpler to manage, and also enables us to asses risk,” said Peter van Boeckel, IT Manager Bridgestone Maxiprest. “We can, for example, estimate the impact of unused minutes, or the closing a branch.”
In addition, Du Pont is easing the telecoms maintenance nightmare for the company by undertaking maintenance of all Maxiprest’s telephone equipment.
According to van Boeckel, the first phase of deployment involving 25 Maxiprest branches countrywide resulted in cost savings of between R30 000 and R40 000 per month.
“We anticipate total savings of up to R70 000 per month once the solution is fully implemented across all branches. Importantly, call quality is also good and inter-branch calls can be made across the data network without additional hardware,” he added.
Du Pont also conducted a complete audit of Maxiprest’s telephony infrastructure and costs. The results enabled it to advise Maxiprest on how best to structure available resources to support business requirements and future growth, as well as reduce operating costs.