Bateleur Software has upped its expertise by forming a partnership with Datanomic, a UK compliance and data management solutions specialist.

In terms of the partnership, Bateleur will sell and implement Datanomic’s award-winning dn:Director for Sanctions & PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) Screening solution, the de-facto screening software of choice for Risk & Compliance screening in the UK. The partnership will span South Arica and sub-Saharan African countries.
Since 1995, Bateleur’s team has provided development, implementation and deployment services to South African enterprises, in addition to representing a number of world-class software products from the leading technology vendors into the Southern African region.  The company has built a strong reputation for delivering innovative, cost-effective IT software solutions specifically tailored to customers’ needs.
The new partnership combines Datanomic’s award-winning compliance and risk screening technology with Bateleur’s deep subject matter expertise in the region’s anti-money laundering and compliance obligations, together with its influence with South Africa’s leading financial institutions.
“We believe this partnership provides opportunities for both companies, and – most importantly – ensures that South Africa’s financial services industry will be able to benefit from the same best-of-breed risk and compliance screening technology enjoyed by their peers throughout Europe and North America,” says Simon Pearson, vice-president, risk & compliance screening at Datanomic.
“The threat of infiltration by money launderers, terrorists, fraudsters and other undesirables is – of course – a global problem for the financial services industry, but in addition, South Africa also has unique complexities around the risk management of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
“Partnering with Bateleur allows our customers to receive localised, region-specific advice around the structuring and implementation of risk profiles to match the risk appetite of their particular business. Bateleur’s respected position in the market has been built upon extensive experience and a proven heritage in software solutions selection, development, and implementation to deliver real business benefits for their customers.”