Research reports by leading analyst groups IDC and Forrester Research predict an upturn in IT spending in 2010.  One of the industries to lead the way is data storage solutions, which underscores Drive Control Corporation's (DCC) move to expand its storage solution offering to include all market segments, from entry-level to enterprise applications.

The distributor, backed by a skilled and knowledgeable storage solutions team, now offers the Dell EqualLogic range of storage products in addition to the well-known and established PowerVault MD Series of storage products. While the cost-effective MD Series products (MD3000i, MD1200) address the entry-level requirements of most organisations, the EqualLogic product range addresses the storage challenges of large to medium-sized enterprises as well as enabling smaller businesses to benefit from the innovative, feature-rich solutions, without the resultant price spike.
The EqualLogic PS Series, for example, endeavours to simplify storage deployment and management while offering all-inclusive enterprise features and functionality with no additional software license costs. Automated features further help to eliminate highly specialised administrative costs.
"Whilst Drive Control has always been a strong storage player we definitely needed a product range that could meet the needs of the enterprise market. Now, with the EqualLogic series, we have the complete package, catering to the needs of smaller SMBs to larger organisations that require high-end, robust and innovative storage solutions," comments Mandy Porter, Dell Business Unit Manager at DCC.
DCC and its partners have already achieved considerable successes with storage solutions for enterprise customers as well as the video surveillance and entertainment market segment, however, Porter believes the EqualLogic range will enable its resellers to expand their product offering, reaching previously untapped areas such as larger enterprises.
"As part of our commitment to growing our storage offering, we will be investing considerably in technical certifications and workshops throughout the year to ensure that our team and our partners are up-to-speed with the newest in storage innovation and future development; pre-empting a growing marketplace and staying ahead of the curve," she adds.
A quick look at the products reveals a comprehensive line-up, ranging from the EqualLogic PS4000 through to the PS6000 and PS6500 Series of virtualised iSCSI SAN Disk Arrays. All the EqualLogic products are designed to bring enterprise-class features and functionality, intelligent automated management and solid reliability to remote or branch office, departmental and small-to-medium business (SMB) storage deployments.
Comments Raul Del Fabbro, Storage Solutions Manager at DCC: "At the entry-level, the PS4000 Series offers all-inclusive enterprise features such as simplified administration and rapid deployment at a price point that enables most mid-sized organisations to implement a storage solution that will meet and grow with their data protection needs well into the future.
"Further along the EqualLogic range, the PS6000 Series consists of various models supporting very high capacities and providing exceptional enterprise performance for both sequential and transactional applications. As arrays are added to the configuration, automated real-time load balancing occurs across all disk drives, RAID sets, connections, cache and controllers, optimising system performance and resource utilisation.
"PS6000 arrays can be added to existing PS4000 sites without sacrificing the initial investment in the PS4000 Series."  
Del Fabbro continues: "All EqualLogic PS Series arrays are designed for 99.999% availability and are assembled with fully redundant, fault tolerant hot-swappable enterprise components to ensure no single point of failure. This makes the EqualLogic range an ideal choice for Mission-Critical applications. For applications requiring very high density capacities,like video surveillance, the PS6500 Series supports up to 48 high capacity SATA drives in each array.
To take advantage of newer 10GbE network installations, the newly-announced PS6010 and PS6510 Series have been equipped with redesigned 10GbE port controllers, delivering up to 10x the bandwidth per port and 2.5x the bandwidth per array compared to previous generations."
Del Fabbro believes that total cost of ownership (TCO) still remains a vital justification point for most organisations, large or small, looking to purchase disk arrays and the Dell EqualLogic solutions address this directly: "The beauty of purchasing an EqualLogic array is that there is no additional charge for the valuable Storage Management and Data Protection software services included in every Dell EqualLogic system. Enterprise-class services, including remote Replication and Snapshots are included with every EqualLogic array. This not only increases the value of an EqualLogic solution, it simplifies purchasing and reduces the TCO."