South African CIOs are not even considering cloud computing or Web 2.0 technologies this year – and they're only starting to take an interest in virtualisation.

While virtualisation, cloud computing and Web 2.0 are the top three priorities for CIOs around the world, according to Gartner's CIO Agenda survey, the response from local CIOs was very different.

Thile the CIOs polled for the survey in South Africa ranked virtualisation as their sixth most important priority, none of them placed either cloud computing or Web 2.0 within their top 10 for 2010.

George Ambler, executive partner at Gartner Executive Progams, points out that South African CIOs ranked business intelligence as their most important priority – but says they could be missing a trick by not following that up with technologies like Web 2.0.

"Making smarter decisions requires more business intelligence – but CIOs should be looking to socialising that data, allowing workers to share it, form opinions and act upon it as an organisation. Web 2.0 is a great way to socialise data."

He adds that virtualisation, cloud computing and Web 2.0 are the drivers behind a global trend towards lighter-weight technologies. They offer reduced upfront costs, increase capacities and variable cost structures. They also require limited support resources, giving them an asymmetrical benefits profile whereby small investments generate significant business benefits quickly.