To explain International Day Against Sexual Exploitation,, an interactive multimedia platform and family-oriented educational site, has launched an international video game tournament.

Sexual exploitation is one of the most serious acts of aggression that can be committed against a child. It includes child prostitution for all human beings under the age of 18 who are active in the sex trade, whether this be forced or voluntarily.
Although it is difficult to obtain exact figures, UNICEF estimates that more than 3-million children are involved in prostitution throughout the world and that they represent over one-third of all sex workers in Asia.
To let all victims of this industry, which affects rich countries as well as poor ones, know that they don't have to suffer – and that the international Convention on the Rights of the Child protects them against all kinds of abuse – has developed an extensive collection of free multimedia content. Already available in French, English, Spanish and Arabic, the originality of the content lies in its ability to capture the interest of the entire family by offering various formats like cartoons, video games, files and quizzes.
The object of the game, according to, is to save virtual child victims from sexual exploitation.