Afrihost has reduced the cost of ADSL connectivity, with some packages available for as little as R9,50 per Gigabyte.

The new rate is effective immediately and comes after the ISP reduced the price of its 50Gb and 100Gb packages by 34%. Afrihost has also promised to double subscribers' monthly caps until at least 31 May 2010.
"We're offering 500 of these limited offer packages on first come, first served basis which is in itself an industry first," says Gian Visser, CEO of Afrihost.
If subscribers sign up for the special 50Gb package  they will also get an extra 50Gb to use monthly which means the price is reduced to an effective R9.50 per Gb.
"We are looking for clients who want to move a ton of traffic and want to do so at the cheapest per-Gigabyte international bandwidth  rate offered in South Africa," says Visser.