It is understood that Dr Michael Twum-Darko, IO of Cipro, has been put on special leave while an investigation into a R153-million IT tender is being conducted.

According to Sake24, Cipro executives have confirmed that he has been placed on four month special leave.
The circumstances, says Sake24, relate to the R153-million IT tender awarded to VALORit, which le to operating problems on the Cipro database.
The system was meant to help the organisation counter fraud.
Cipro's CEO Keith Senwe is currently on sick leave.
He has previously defended Cipro's awarding of the tender, following the controversy sparked by the Democratic Alliance's Andricus van der Westhuizen.
In October 2009, Van der Westhuizen issued a statement referring to an affidavit signed by Abe Mbalawa, a consultant to Cipro, alleging he was advised to partner with VALORit by Dr Twum-Darko.
In this affidavit, Mbulawa alleges he was provided with a business case and additional material by Dr Twum-Darko.
Dr Twum-Darko's security clearance was also called into question, as he is not originally from South Africa.
Sendwe commented at that time: "We will continue undeterred with our organisational transformation programme which is in the best interests of our clients and in keeping with the broader national agenda.
"The awarding of the CIPRO information technology tender to VALORit early this year has been addressed by the organisation and a number of questions were addressed via the office of the Director-General of Trade and Industry. This has been done on several occasions as well as on many different platforms including the media."
The current investigation was requested by Dr Rob Davies, the Minister of Trade & Industry, says Sake24.