Hennie du Plessis has been appointed as the new CEO of Bytes Document Solutions, replacing Rob Abraham who has replaced David Redshaw as the CEO of Bytes Technology Group.

Du Plessis joins the group after a decade at Bytes Healthcare Solutions.
he says he will spend the first few months familiarising himself with the group’s goals, structure and strategy.
Along with the appointment of Du Plessis, Bytes Document Solutions has undergone a significant restructure as it aims to grow market share and capitalise on resurgent market conditions.
It has created three autonomous businesses, each with its own managing director, and reporting to Du Plessis:
* The new Xerox division, headed by divisional MD Rabin Ram;
* NOR Paper, headed by Raymond Blake, which it acquired in 2008 and which now represents all of the group’s paper interests; and
* LaserCom, formerly Laser Facilties, headed by Konni Hoferichter and the country’s leading mail fulfilment specialist
The Xerox division is a customer-focused, R1,2-billion business in its own right. Ram has four directors supporting him: Ronnie Oeschger, sales director for office and production systems; Keith Weaver, service director; Keith Knott, sales director for software and solutions; and Tanya Moodley, marketing director.