Executives’ Global Networks (EGN), the worldwide organisation specialising in national and global information-sharing between executives, has launched a discussion group for chief information officers (CIOs) that will enable top executives to meet and share information locally and with CIOs overseas.

Launched 12 months ago, EGN’s CEO discussion group now has 25 executives participating. The CFO and HR discussion groups are also running successfully. Each group is facilitated by a high profile leader in that field.
Dr Azar Jammine of Econometrix is the facilitator of the CEO group. The CFO group is facilitated by Guy Harris, strategy and public affairs director, Bell Equipment, and the HR group is facilitated by Marius Meyer of the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management at the University of Johannesburg.
EGN is now looking for a high-profile person in the ICT industry to facilitate the bi-monthly meetings of the CIO group. The CIO group will discuss issues pertinent to the South African ICT enviroment such as ‘green’ computing, with specific reference to reducing costs and power consumption.
Also on the agenda will be trends in cloud computing and video conferencing, and how these technologies can relate to improve productivity and cost savings.
EGN MD Martin Humphries says the meetings will give South African CIOs the opportunity to plug into EGN’s established worldwide network and create business relationships and share knowledge nationally and internationally.
“This provides executives with the opportunity to test new ideas, discuss strategies, gain a fresh perspective on challenging issues and learn new skills.”
Jammine adds: “I have been amazed by the enthusiasm and vigour of debate amongst members. Involvement with a network of other executives through the auspices of EGN allows the member to bounce ideas off peers in a confidential environment of equals and to develop ideas from the resulting dialogue."
The groups meet every second month to discuss relevant topics, common issues and challenges. Each group has its own secure website through which members are able to continue interacting with their peer group between meetings.
They also have controlled access to other executive groups within South Africa and to over 3 000 international members including CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and HR executives.