Social networking users will soon be able to track their friends a lot more closely and will be able to see where they are physically.

A report in the New York Times states that Facebook users could see their friend's current locals when a new location-based feature launches in April.
The social networking company has already laid the ground rules for a feature like this by updating its policies to give location the same status as any other content, and therefore in the public domain.
It will, however, give users the opportunity to opt into the feature – it probably won't be automatic.
Meanwhile, Twitter has also been experimenting with geolocation features, switching them on briefly earlier this week. They have now been disabled.
MG Siegler, writing int he TechCrunch blog, says Twitter’s geolocation feature has been live through its API since last November, but there had been no sign of integration into the main site until now.
When the feature was briefly available online, tweets tagged with location were showed with a location placemarker. Users could then click to get a Google map with the exact location.