Rectron, sole local distributor for Transcend, the global brand leader in the memory market, has released the Transcend JetFlash 620 Series, which features advanced dual-channel technology to provide ultra-fast 200x read speeds of up to 32MB/sec, and write speeds of up to 18Mbps.

“The JetFlash 620 – which is part of Transcend’s new range of USB flash drives – has been completely redesigned, with striking new styling, including a translucent coloured strip that differentiates the size of the flash stick and shows when it is active,” says Werner Joubert, personal systems and storage business manager, Rectron.
“The drive also features Transcend’s JetFlash Elite software suite of tools, which makes using the flash drive a breeze – consumers can take their e-mails and Internet favourites with them, or use their flash drive as the ‘key’ to their PCs; simply unplug the JetFlash to lock, and plug it back in to unlock.”
Joubert explains that JetFlash Elite allows users to store their e-mail for easy access when travelling.
"You can send, receive, and save e-mail safely on your JetFlash using any compatible computer without leaving any trace of your correspondence for others to find,” he adds.
“You can also browse your favourite websites wherever you go. The Favorites function saves a copy of all your Internet Explorer Favorites on your JetFlash, allowing you to plug your JetFlash into any compatible computer and browse your websites just like you would at home.”
JetFlash Elite also features convenient one-click automatic website log-in functionality, to allow users to instantly log in to their online website accounts with just a single mouse click.
“AutoLogin keeps a secure database of all your online usernames and passwords on your JetFlash, so you’ll never worry about losing your password again,” says Joubert.
“You can also automatically backup, restore, and synchronise your important data. Once a backup is created on your JetFlash, DataBackup allows you to instantly update the backup with any modifications you might make in the future with a single mouse click.”
Transcend’s new SecureDrive technology and software for data security and protection allows users to create a Private Zone on the drive for critical/important data, and password-protect it.
“Once enabled, nobody but you will be able to access files stored within the secure Private Zone – a private, password-protected area created on your JetFlash drive,” explains Joubert.
JetFlash Elite software only works with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Me.