For only the second time since 1995, Microsoft supremo Bill Gates has been knocked off his perch as the world's richest man as listed by Forbes magazine.

This year Gates, with an estimated $53-billion fortune, is runner-up to Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim who the magazine says is worth $53,5-billion.
Gates' fellow bridge player, Warren Buffet was third on the Forbes list with $47-billion.
Oracle chief Larry Ellison finished in sixth position with $28-billion.
Forbes senior editor, Matthew Miller says Gates and Buffet would easily have topped the list if they hadn't donated vast sums of their wealth.
"They would be far richer today if it wasn't for their tremendous philanthropy," Miller says. "Buffett would be worth at least $55-billion … and Gates' net worth would exceed $80-billion had it not been for his philanthropy."