Project and portfolio management service provider, Post Vision Technology has officially launched its upgraded Project Portfolio Office (PPO) Partner Programme as of 1 March 2010, now allowing all partners to obtain a graded partner status by completing a series of certifications and gaining an existing subscription base.

According to Guy Jelley, CEO of Post Vision, the main objective of the programme is to consistently ensure quality sales, skilled implementation, excellence in training and top class post implementation support for all users of PPO, the company's locally developed, web-based project management application that is provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.
"Partner accreditation and grading have become critically important in order to give potential customers better insight into the level of ability when engaging a partner for the implementation of PPO," he explains.
"In addition, the programme aims to develop and support dedicated partners in building sustainable and profitable businesses around PPO. Our partners are typically consultancies looking to offer a total solution for clients' project and portfolio management requirements with services ranging from establishing project management offices, performing training and providing project resources. By partnering with PPO, they can add implementation and support to address their clients' project and portfolio tool requirements and gain additional revenue streams."
The PPO Partner Programme allows for varying levels of investment, skills, experience and commitment from partners. Through formal certification processes covering four key areas namely sales and marketing, implementation, support and training, companies can be graded as Bronze, Silver or Gold Partners. By invitation only, partners can be awarded Platinum status after having met all the requirements for becoming a Gold Partner.
"Aligned with the different grades, partners are entitled to receive a number of benefits, which are aimed at rewarding their level of commitment to PPO and encouraging them to become more involved," Jelley says.
When joining the PPO partner programme, a company begins as a "Registered Partner" and has to complete the sales and marketing certification, which is aimed at ensuring proficiency when selling PPO and performing product demonstrations. Registered partners are not graded and are assisted in terms of implementation, client training and support.
Upon meeting the minimum requirements, companies can go on to complete the implementation certification, which allows them to implement PPO independently for clients, the training certification, which enables partners to offer PPO training to end users and the support certification, which permits them to provide first and second line support to clients post implementation. Importantly, certified staff must stay up to date with the latest product releases on an ongoing basis.
"At Post Vision, we value the investment made by our partners and, through the new programme, want to show our commitment to support and equip them with the necessary tools to ultimately foster growth and business expansion around PPO. We trust that in doing so, we will also ensure quality service to all PPO users," Jelley concludes.