CRS Technologies has released a solution that further advances the dynamics of employee and management self-service targeting HR requirements within the modern workplace.

CRS DIY enables employees to access their data and update information as required – but also allows employers to view and update employee data. The system falls in line with CRS Technologies’ high level technical criteria, skills sets and value add in terms of market experience and knowledge of the local market.
As one of the premier brands within the CRS Technologies system portfolio, CRS DIY is constructed on a modular approach. The Base Module forms the core of the CRS System and contains all the functions and information that are common amongst the defined modules. In turn, each module shares the data in the base module to complete the integrated Human Resource Management Cycle.
Its functionality includes providing the user with the ability to view current and historical payslips, submit and manage leave applications, initiate training updates and manage enquiries, apply for training and structure packages.
“This is not simply another human resources-focused technical solution being released into the market,” explains Dave Philp, Operations Director , CRS Technologies. “We have introduced an online-based system that automatically and effectively enables full control over applications, paper-free administration of the leave process, amongst other key functionality. The solution is designed for easy integration and minimal training so that organisations can immediately benefit without having to experience downtime. It addresses corporate requirements for expediency, cost efficiency and productivity.”
CRS DIY provides for additional functionality that enables the user to view balances and history, workflow to automate processes, escalation of unapproved leave, planning calendars and ability to populate to Outlook.
“So, practically an employee is able to initiate a leave application via email. This email is generated to the manager, who then either approves or declines the application. The CRS system then updates the status instantly,” adds Philp.