Pitney Bowes Batsumi Enterprise has supplied the DI425 mailing machine to large agricultural company Monsanto in South Africa, to streamline its mailing system.

“We need our mailing system to be greatly efficient, especially since our company is growing. Pitney Bowes Batsumi’s DI425 machine is very efficient as well as being speedy and reliable,” says Naul Bezuidenhout, Monsanto’s procurement manager.
Bezuidenhout requested Pitney Bowes Batsumi’s assistance as Monsanto’s original, in-house mailing system was largely manual, and therefore proved time-consuming, especially since bulk mail needed to be sent out regularly. “Before we received the D1425 machine, it took staff three to four days to manually fold invoices, statements and other printed material into envelopes. It was time that we obtained an automated machine and mailing system. Using Pitney Bowes Batsumi’s DI425 now means that mail is ready to be sent out in two hours,” says Bezuidenhout.
“The DI425 enables Monsanto to slot three different letters into the envelope, including marketing material and bills,” says Pitney Bowes Batsumi’s sales director Francois Hugo.
Adds Bezuidenhout: “What was tedious and inefficient is now speedy and efficient thanks to this equipment.”
Hugo notes that the DI425 is a perfect solution for common applications such as bills, statements, direct mail and reply envelopes. Optical mark recognition (OMR) capabilities are available to ensure that customers receive the correct documents.
“In terms of time saved, up to 20 common applications can be programmed into the machine,” says Hugo.
Bezuidenhout notes that the DI425 was perfectly suited to Monsanto’s specifications. “We certainly needed the right mailing system, as our invoices and statements have been configured in a particular way, so our envelopes needs to ‘fit’ this specification. A test run was carried out and we were very happy with the outcome.”
In fact, after the first 5 000 envelopes were produced, Bezuidenhout called on Pitney Bows Batsumi to supply him with more envelopes as soon as possible, which, thanks to having planned ahead and taken on contingency stock, Pitney Bowes Batsumi was able to do, on the fly.
“This quick supply really assisted us in an emergency, which we deeply appreciated. Furthermore, in the three months that we have had the machine, there has not been a jam, despite the bulk mailing we have carried out,” says Bezuidenhout.
Pitney Bowes’ Hugo adds that the DI425 runs at a speed of 3,500 pieces an hour, capable of handling up to 30,000 pieces a month. “Errors and paper jams are prevented, as there is built-in double detection on all feeders, with automatic page separation.”
“Ultimately, we want to convey a professional and well-organised image to our customers. Timely billing is crucial to this process, therefore an efficient and reliable mailing system is important,” says Bezuidenhout.
He adds that Monsanto has a research facility based in the US, specialising in genetically modifying seeds that are resistant to chemicals and pests. Many seeds are also drought-tolerant and are suitable to be cross-pollinated.