Switch Telecom has reduced its voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) rates to R1.20 (including VAT) per minute on per 30 and 60 second billing and R1.48 (including VAT) on pure per second billing with effect from 1 March.

The latest reduction in Switch's tariffs mean that the company's services now allow companies to enjoy better savings from VoIP than they could from alternative solutions such as premicell (least-cost routing).
Gregory Massel, MD of Switch Telecom, comments: "The recent drops in mobile interconnect fees mean premicells are no longer worthwhile for most companies. Instead, it makes sense for companies to implement VoIP solutions that allow them to save money on all outbound calls – national, international and mobile – without the monthly spend commitment that most premicell service providers ask for."
Massel says that VoIP offers a number of solutions over premicell. Since all Switch VoIP calls are routed through official interconnect channels, the caller ID will be presented correctly and the quality of the call is guaranteed. That eliminates the common problem companies with premicell solutions face of people ignoring and not returning their calls because they come from private or unknown numbers.
In addition, companies that adopt premicell usually have to commit to at least R500 per month per line billing in advance and will often pay more than the quoted rate for off-network calls. By comparison, Switch's VoIP solution allows companies to get multiple lines with zero monthly call spend commitment and post-paid billing for the actual amount they use.
"In addition, VoIP allows you to save money on all mobile calls – not just ones to the network providing the SIM card in your premicell," says Massel. You'll also save up to 14% on local calls and 34% on national calls (including 086 numbers) to landlines using Switch's VoIP solution."