Allied Technology (Altech) has confirned its intention to grow its offshore investments, and made a number of moves to facilitate the strategy.

Speaking at media function yesterday, chairman and CEO Craig Venter reiterated the group's strategy of investing intermationally, with a focus on the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) markets.
The organisation already has a presence in India, through set-top box manufacturer Altech UEC.
And, from 5 April, Altech UEC will have a new CEO of global operations, Peter Belchin, who has been headhunted from the UK's set-top box leader, LSE-listed Pace.
Venter also revealed plans to open an Altech Netstar operation in Brazil in the near future.
Altech Netstar develops and markets vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions.
Plans for expansion into the Chinese market are still in their infancy, but Venter says a presence in that market would probably be in the IT or software environment.
Altech has already reaped considerably success with its offshore investments, and currently has a presence in the UK, Australia and six African counties.
It's recent expansion in East Africa, including investments in the Seacom and TEAMS undersea cables, have already reaped significant profits of almost R200-million in that region.