MXit launched the first multiplayer educational game on a mobile instant messenger (IM) at the beginning of the year and it has already seen more than 30 000 players registered for the game, resulting in more than 180 000 hours of game-play per day.

“We provide 30 minutes of free gaming per day, after which we charge a minimal fee of about 10 cents," says Herman Heunis, CEO and founder of MXit. "The development of these games signals the beginning of our commitment to do our bit for education in this country and we hope to gain substantial tracking in other parts of Africa, such as Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and other countries.
“We also launched an enormously successful chess game engine on MXit a couple of months ago. This allows people to play against other MXit users. We have a complete ranking system and allow communication between players as they play. More than 4 000 games are started every day and more than 30,000 people have registered for play. Every day, more than 200 000 chess moves are played and the full graphical interface within MXit allows for a great chess playing experience.
“We see this as only the very beginning of what can be achieved in education and other social involvement using our platform.  We are in the process of establishing a Not-For-Profit MXit sister company, and once this is in place, we will be fast tracking these types of initiatives,” Heunis adds.