Manufacturers and retailers can more easily manage major recalls thanks to a technological one-two punch from two new products offered by SAS, the leader in business analytics. New SAS OnDemand: Suspect Claims Detection joins an enhanced SAS Warranty Analysis product that includes support for the market-leading database management strengths of SAS partner, Teradata.

Forward-looking companies like GE Consumer & Industrial are simultaneously improving customer experience while reducing costs by eliminating fraud and waste. Companies are paying too many unwarranted and fraudulent claims. SAS OnDemand: Suspect Claims Detection analyses service claim data to identify suspicious claims and service providers. Dozens of automated analytic models allow auditors to focus on the most likely sources of fraud. With the SAS OnDemand delivery method, business results are gained rapidly with a minimal IT investment distributed predictably over time.
As a hosted solution, SAS OnDemand: Suspect Claims Detection eliminates up-front technology investments while permitting customers to manage risk and scale for growth as business strategy dictates. The secure, high-performance data processing infrastructure features industry-leading support from the SAS Advanced Analytics Lab. Among many benefits, SAS OnDemand: Suspect Claims Detection helps customers:
* Reduce service costs – by denying or charging back for illegitimate claims, service costs can be greatly reduced. Illegitimate claims can decrease as service providers become aware of being monitored.
* Maximise the effectiveness of auditors’ time – auditors are able to focus on the claims and service providers with the highest probability of fraud.
* Improve service network effectiveness – automated claim review uncovers patterns of inefficiency where service providers can improve their performance and enhance end-user satisfaction.
* Analyse and optimise parts usage – automated analytics detect patterns of parts usage that can be utilised to retrain technicians and save parts costs.
* Benefit from a short time to implementation – the solution is hosted on a secure, shareable and scalable infrastructure designed for detection of suspect claims without the up-front IT investment, staff and maintenance costs.
Customers like American Honda have been seeing benefits from SAS Warranty Analysis for years. The latest version of SAS Warranty Analysis integrates text and structured data across the service chain and provides the needed information and tools to minimise the size and scope of recalls by issuing early warnings about problems and reducing the time it takes to identify the root cause.
This solution integrates field performance data with key customer, product, manufacturing and geographic information to enable organisations to detect and correct issues earlier and reduce warranty costs. Part of the upgraded offering includes support for the data mart to reside in third-party databases like those from SAS partner Teradata.
SAS Warranty Analysis also offers enhanced automated emerging issues e-mail alerts, enabling subscribers to monitor specific watch lists, parts and projects. Improved functionality to drill into emerging issues automates the time-consuming process of sifting through thousands of claims.