Hot on the heels of MWeb's radical announcement of price cuts and uncapped ADSL, @lantic has entered the fray with reduced ADSL pricing which the ISP says is now the most affordable on the market.

The standard price for a 384kbps ADSL line currently stands at R152.00 per month. “We are committed to saving our customers money and have started our ADSL offering at R139.00 per month, which includes 1Gb of free Internet usage per month,” says Dederick Venter, marketing director of @lantic, which is part of the Vox Telecom group.
For higher bandwidth consumers, @lantic has brought out a 512kbps equivalent starting at R326.00, and a 4Mb line starting at R413.00 per month, which are both equal to the line cost and also include 1Gb of free internet usage per month.
@lantic’s new ADSL range also comes with a 5Gb and 10Gb bundle option, both at competitive prices.
“An added benefit of the @lantic offering is that we provide cost effective voice options through our VoIP network, with free Vox-to-Vox calls. Our customers also earn rebates on all incoming calls which is a huge differentiator compared to most competitors,” says Venter.
“We believe our current offering is sustainable and we don’t expect to see any increases in the foreseeable future,” he adds.