AVG, represented locally by software distributor and republisher Phoenix Software, has announced a new division briefed with forming partnerships as well as corporate development and licensing initiatives.

Called Global Strategic Alliances (GSA), the new division will aim to build strategic relationships with technology, social media, e-commerce and online gaming companies, as well as ISPs and OEMs, to push AVG’s security solutions in to new areas.
The GSA group will be headed by former McAfee vice president for global OEM sales, Rocco Donnino, who now takes the role of senior vice president for Global Strategic Alliances at AVG.
“The security landscape is changing every day and AVG is excited to bring our brand of total security protection to the forefront in 2010 through initiatives like the Global Strategic Alliances effort,” says AVG’s chief executive JR Smith. “It’s not enough to offer protection for a computer and walk away thinking the job is done.
"The bad guys are trying a million different ways to compromise personal information, corporate data and anything they can get their hands on. AVG is committed to providing security coverage where our customers work and play in order to give them peace of mind.”
Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Software, adds: “With the highest rate of social networking in Africa, as well as a booming e-commerce sector, South African Internet users are acutely aware of the risks out there. This initiative will provide AVG customers here and internationally with yet another layer of protection – and peace of mind.”