Ishmael Tsoaela represented South Africa at the recent One Young World (OYW) conference in in London. OYW is the first youth leadership summit to bring together 1 000 young leaders aged 25 and under from each of the world’s 192 countries.

Tsoaela's attendence was made possible by his employer, Movius Interactive.
While at the summit, the young leaders confronted and debated today’s challenges as a united international group. To assist them in their debates, an array of global leaders and activists including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, Bob Geldof and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus also attended the conference.
OYW is the brainchild of David Jones, CEO of Euro RSG (and a World Economic Forum, Young Global Leader) and Kate Robertson, chairwoman of Euro RSG UK. “The power of social media to find young voices and gather innovative ideas means that, for the first time, world youth can play an important role in shaping the future of their world,” says Jones.
Tsoaela says he was quite daunted by the scale of the occasion, but soon became actively engaged in the debates and, in particular, the networking sessions outside of the main debates.
"The highlight for me during the second day, was a speech made by Muhammad Yunus, who developed the internationally adopted concept of microcredit. During his speech, Mr Yunus highlighted the importance of social business in the developing countries and mentioned that business can play an important role in the poverty stricken areas with an aim of not making profit but providing a source of sustainability to the communities that they operate within.
“Overall, I can say that the two main focus points for me during the conference were the responsibility of businesses within our communities and the great impact that the media has on the development of our countries. In addition, I have built a vast network of my fellow African delegates and we are now connected via OYW for Africa Facebook network to enable us to continue to develop the ideas we first discussed at the conference,” Ishmael says.
Andy Minnaar, sales director for Movius in the African region says it was a great opportunity for one of his staff to be able to take part in such an event and be able to address the global issues that affect our local communities.
“A large portion of the event focused on what we are doing in terms of technology in developing countries and the empowerment it can bring to those communities. Ishmael gained tremendous insight from this and we hope the experience will assist him in becoming a leader in our own industry here in South Africa,” says Minnaar.