Afrihost has fired a new salvo in the ADSL price skirmish, claiming to now offer the cheapest uncapped ADSL on the market.

Afrihost can take credit for sparking the price cuts with its R29.00 per Gb offer earlier this month, and is now offering uncapped ADSL from as little as R197.00 a month for a 384kbps line.
For uncapped data on a 512kbps users will pay R297.00 per month, and for uncapped data on a 4096kbps line, the cost will be R497.00 per month.
These prices are for bandwidth only and exclude line rental costs through Telkom.
"When we launched our R29.00 per GB offer almost six months ago, we knew that South African users craved more affordable ADSL," says Gian Visser, CEO of Afrihost. "At the time, most ISPs charged around R70.00 per Gb (and many still do) so our move really shook up the ISP industry.
"But we knew that many users wanted more. Over the past few months, we have been testing an uncapped product, which we are now ready to introduce to the market."
Afrihost is surprised that another ISP has beaten it to the punch with an affordable uncapped ADSL offering, but is ready to respond with a set of products that are now the cheapest on the market, Visser adds.
The uncapped 4096kbps product is available for purchase through the Afrihost web site or client zone with immediate effect. Sign-ups will be limited at present, with accounts granted to users on a first-come, first-served basis.
Users who sign up for the uncapped package in the initial beta testing stage will lock-in this package and price in for as long as they are Afrihost customers.
The other uncapped offerings will be made available once the company has tested the performance of its uncapped service and the impact on the Afrihost network.
Visser says the uncapped service does have some restrictions and disadvantages that the capped packages from Afrihost does not have. The uncapped packages allow only one connection for each account while the capped packages allow many simultaneous connections from different locations for each account.
In addiiotn, if users are accessing their ADSL account from several different locations, they will need to opt for a capped account or buy uncapped accounts for each location.