In a security breakthrough for end users, the world's largest peer-to-peer network has been secured, ensuring that user's don't inadvertently load malware on to their computers. File sharing sites are often fingered as the biggest culprits in spreadng malicious code.

LimeWire has licensed the AVG Anti-Virus SDK engine and integrated the anti-virus/ anti-spyware protection into LimeWire Pro, its premium file sharing software. Through this partnership, all files will be scanned before LimeWire Pro will allow them to play or execute on an end user’s computer, which prevents infected files from harming machines.
AVG Technologies is represented locally by software distributor and republisher Phoenix Software.
Millions of people use peer-to-peer networks every day to exchange audio, video, documents and other files.   LimeWire is the leading provider of peer-to-peer networking applications and distributes the most popular peer-to-peer application in the world with 50-million monthly users.
LimeWire has integrated AVG’s security SDK into LimeWire Pro to automatically scan each download to help keep LimeWire’s users secure.
“Peer-to-peer networks have come a long way. People are using peer-to-peer networks to share files and documents, and we are pleased to be protecting them,” says Rocco Donnino, senior vice-president of Global Strategic Alliances at AVG Technologies.
The ad-hoc architecture of peer-to-peer networks affords no central point where security policies can be enforced, making the networks vulnerable to infected files, adware, spyware and other malware creeping into the system.  It is incumbent upon users to secure their computers in order to protect both their own computers and the general health of their peer-to-peer network.
LimeWire Pro users will see the “Protected by AVG” assurance whenever a downloaded file is safely scanned and cleaned.