Kelly Group has launched a powerful automated time and productivity management system that offers companies, especially those with large and distributed staff contingents, immediate cost saving benefits.

Known as K-log, the system has already proved that it can achieve payroll savings of between 10% and 15%. This saving was proved during its extensive trial period when K-log was run at the same time as the client`s existing system and the results were compared.
It was found that productive time in every scenario was overstated by 10% to 15%, which could lead to a similar percentage in cost saving or productivity improvement.
Grenville Wilson, chief executive of Kelly, says the system is more than just another time and attendance tool. "It was developed as a lean and efficient end-to-end electronic people management system that caters for time and productivity management, automated timesheet and payroll processing, rostering and scheduling as well as access control and employee location tracking.  In doing so, it eliminates duplication and non productive administrative work as there is always only one source of data."
K-log is able to work off any existing clock-in device, meaning that companies do not need to replace any existing hardware. It can also use various other interfaces to start measuring productive time including when employees log into their computers, when employees are talking on the phone (call centre environment), and when they operate machinery (industrial environment), allowing companies to specify exactly what should comprise productive time and pay its employees for that time only.
However, K-log can also supply its own self-sufficient biometric clock-in units which are not dependent on other equipment or systems. These units have large memories to enable them to keep recording employee clocking even if the cellular network is unavailable and they have built in back up power in case of a blackout. In addition, they are portable and can therefore be deployed anywhere at short notice which is particularly useful in the management and hosting of events. The biometric fingerprint reader also prevents employees from ghost or buddy clocking.