Combining breakthrough styling with fast colour and cost-effective black and white output, Konica Minolta’s bizhubs C452,C552 and C652 provide all-in-one functionality (print, copy, scan, fax) for high-end office workgroups and applications that require 45 to 50 pages per minute (ppm) colour and 45 to 65 ppm black and white document production.

These new top-of-the-line models were redesigned and reengineered, with the end user in mind – to better accommodate the way in which each person works. Primarily used as the central MFPs in large and mid-sized offices, these machines are now easier to use, produce higher quality documents, boast high reliability and productivity, as well as lower TCO and are compatible with a variety of network environments.
"From features that enable users to communicate and collaborate better, to management and security features that ensure accountability, the new bizhubs provide the technology needed for success," says Andrew Griffith, product manager for office products at Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa.
The new bizhub solutions feature a hard disk drive Box function that allows users to save scan, copy, print or fax data to the Box. It also permits boxes to be assigned to individuals, project teams, departments or themes for more reliable storage (up to 3,000 documents or 10,000 pages), seamless distribution and easier sharing of knowledge. Now, the Box also includes functionality that allows users to change print and send settings for files residing in the Box, switch from colour to black & white, change resolution, combine documents and more.
The standard Colour Internet Fax means companies can cost-efficiently send a colour or black & white fax to any MFP that supports the Profile C standard, even machines outside the intranet. Because this method uses the Internet, there are no additional associated costs.
"Normally, the text of a scanned document cannot be searched," Griffith adds. "Our Searchable PDF feature uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to turn any scanned document into a searchable one, ideal for quickly finding text in large documents, or to cut and paste text from a Searchable PDF to create new documents."
The i-Option function assists in enhancing a bizhub’s capabilities by offering greater convenience and customisation. Utilise the bizhub’s control panel as a general purpose Web browser that enables PDF files to be previewed, downloaded and printed without a PC. The Image Panel function divides the control panel into three areas – input, edit and output and allows each to be customised based on the user’s needs, thus improving workflow.
"Scanning to yourself is now easier than ever with Scan to Me," he explains. "If user authentication is set, selecting the ‘Me’ one-touch key in the address book allows scan data to be sent to the user’s own e-mail address. Use the Scan to Home feature to send the data to a registered PC. These simple but useful security features allow administrators to limit or disable any scan and send traffic outside of these ranges, effectively restricting where scans can be sent.
"In addition, our new log management features help to better manage usage and costs for an office’s new bizhub. The log has been expanded to allow logs to be compiled for counts and accounts, as well as the existing capability for audits. This means that the bizhub doesn’t just record which users have performed which jobs. It also records paper size, number of copies made and other useful cost and resource management information."
By copying or printing documents with a special security pattern, the C652/C552/C452’s Copy Guard prevents unauthorised copies from being made on the bizhub. The Password Copy feature allows this protection to be cancelled by entering a password before attempting to re-copy the document. Furthermore, the bizhub’s finger vein authentication uses images of finger vein patterns captured by scanning the finger. This biometric measurement uses an internal characteristic as identification, and is nearly impossible to falsify. The unit is remarkably easy to install as an option and now offers improved authentication accuracy and a more ergonomic and efficient shape that blends in with the design of the MFP.
"Working in conjunction with finger-vein and IC card authentication, the easy-to-use ID & Print feature provides users with a secure printing environment. After sending a document from a PC to the bizhub, simply touch the bizhub with your finger or IC card to automatically begin printing – there’s no need to enter a password," Griffith concludes.