Hot on the heels of massive ADSL price reductions, MTN has announced new data packages that see rates drop by as much as 84%.

The company has introduced new time-based data packages and has reduced  out-of-bundle data rates by up to 84% with effect from yesterday (28 March).
“The South African broadband market is incredibly competitive with several companies offering many different packages and deals to their customers. Through our time-based data packages, we are keeping pace with these conditions. We want to ensure that our customers experience the fastest speeds at the most competitive rates available that cater for their different browsing patterns,” says Serame Taukabong, CMO at MTN South Africa.
Once activated, the new One-Day Unlimited bundle lasts for 24 hours and is available at R50. A fair-use policy of 150MB will apply after which the connectivity will be throttled to 128kbps for the remainder of the time.
To cater for people who want to manage their data usage over the course of a month, MTN is also launching a 90-minute data bundle at R25. The speed will be limited to 128kbps and is valid for 30 days with an additional 30-day carry-over of unused minutes.
“In addition to the new offerings, we are also significantly reducing our out-of-bundle data rates. Data bundle subscribers will also now benefit from a flat-rate tariff meaning out-of-bundle rates will be the same as in-bundle rates,” says Taukabong.
Out-of bundle rates on MTN's Extended Data and TopUp price plans now range between 19 cents and 65 cents, compared to the previous R1.20 and R1.50, depending on the bundle.
Bolt-on data bundles range from free, for the new one one-day unlimited bundle, to between 19 cents and R1.00 on other bundles.