As South African Interner users are exposed to more and faster broadband options than ever before, Altech Autopage Cellular has launched Broadband Central, offering a full range of connectivity solutions for consumers and businesses.

According to marketing director Justin Hume, the message behind Broadband Central is clear. “There is massive hype in the marketplace around broadband and data, but the approach by most companies has been generic. There tends to be a one-sided focus, mainly around the consumer and SME market with the assumption that one size fits all.”
With Broadband Central, Altech Autopage Cellular has developed tailor-made solutions as well as providing all the standard packages that customers are familiar with.
Hume note: There are so many options and also so many variables in the pricing, benefits and limitations of the options for connectivity that end users can be mislead. You don’t want to choose an ADSL line when you’re on the road most of the time. You don’t necessarily want 3G if cost is a primary consideration. And you may not want a coverage-dependent or capped service.
Hume points out that the telecommunications market is benefiting from increased competition and rapid innovation, despite the stuttering economy. “Broadband Central lets you take advantage of the competition and innovation while also keeping your costs as low as possible for the services you need. And you can do so without having to keep an eye on the market; we do that for our customers.”