Rectron has launched the Transcend aXeRAM DDR3-2000 family of memory kits targeted specifically at gamers, enthusiasts and users looking for high-performance memory.

“The new Transcend aXeRAM kits – which have been officially certified under the Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) validation programme – can run at very high speeds while remaining cool due high thermal efficiency aluminium heat sinks installed on the modules,” says Werner Joubert, personal systems and storage business manager, Rectron.
“They are also cherry-picked as a perfectly-matched pair, so that users are guaranteed to get memory that works perfectly together.”
Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) validation means the memory profile resident in the Transcend aXeRAM DDR3-2000 modules’ SPD tables allows the motherboard BIOS to automatically enable more aggressive memory timings – which enables the memory to run faster when transferring and receiving data.
To be more specific, the XMP-ready DDR3 kits, which are fully-compatible with Intel Core i7 processors, are designed to operate at a blazing-fast clock frequency of 2000 MHz with an exceptionally low voltage of just 1.6V.
Intel XMP is a performance-packed expansion of the standard DDR3 memory specification. Featuring memory bandwidth up to a speedy 32GB/s, Transcend's aXeRAM DDR3-2000 dual-channel memory kit is rated at 2000MHz with timings of 9-9-9-24, allowing performance enthusiasts and gamers to take their Intel Core i7 platform to the next level of memory overclocking performance.
“Users looking for high-performance memory that runs cool while overclocked and can scale with their systems, are the kinds of buyers that should look at Transcend aXeRAM,” adds Joubert. “It can run at break-neck speeds and not overheat. This RAM is perfect for a gaming machine or a high-end workstation.”
According to Joubert, the new kits’ high-performance capabilities are further underscored by the fact that that Transcend memory is made to the highest specifications, coupled with stringent performance control, making use of the highest-quality memory chips available.  
“The aXeRAM DDR3-2000 also use eight-layer PC board (PCB) ensuring the best possible signal transmission for the memory,” he adds.
To ensure extra stability and signal integrity at high clock speeds, all aXeRAM modules are comprised of 128Mx8 high-quality DDR3 FBGA chips and use robust eight-layer PCBs that comply with rigorous Joint Electron Device Engineering Council  (JEDEC) standards.
Transcend’s aXeRAM DDR3-2000 memory modules have been certified for use on Intel P55‑based motherboards, including Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3, MSI P55-GD80 and Asus P7P55D Deluxe.