Fujitsu has introduced new high-end quad-socket Primergy servers providing a compelling combination of best-ever performance, unrivalled system density and x86 industry standard server economics.

The latest generation top-of-the-range Primergy x86 quad-socket servers now provide the system performance, scalability and resilience to match RISC architecture – such as fault resistance – at a significantly lower price point. Available to order starting in May, the new Primergy RX600 S5 and Primergy BX960 S1 x86 servers are designed for business-critical applications and for large-scale system consolidation.
“Today marks the day when the balance shifts in favor of x86 technology,” says Richard Sutherland, portfolio manager: Dynamic Infrastructuresat Fujitsu Technology Solutions. “Our new Primergy models build on the groundswell towards x86 servers as the new number one choice for tasks where previously, only Unix machines were up to the job. The new generation quad-socket Primergy servers really deliver on performance and set new standards in terms of reduced energy consumption. These attributes enable enterprises to meet the competitive challenges in today’s business environment, and to ensure an early return on their investment.”
The new Fujitsu Primergy quad-socket servers deliver an optimised combination of processing power, memory and I/O slots. With a single unit delivering output to equal or exceed the performance of entire racks of earlier generation mono- and dual-socket servers, the new quad-socket machines are consummate all-rounders able to tackle anything from large database management through to playing host to entire farms of virtualised servers.
Underlining its all-round performance, a new world record result has been set by a Primergy RX600 S5 server on the SAP Business Intelligence-Data Mart (BI-D) standard application benchmark*. Running Oracle®Database 11g Release 2 on Linux, the winning combination delivered a world-record on the two-tier SAP BI-D standard application benchmark result of 854,649 query navigation steps per hour.
Featuring the latest Intel Xeon 7500 Series processors (codenamed Nehalem-EX), the new fifth-generation Fujitsu Primergy RX600 S5 rack server is now joined by the first quad-socket machine for the Primergy BX900 blade system: the BX960 S1 enters the price list for the Dynamic Cube as the new top-of-the-range model.