Oracle has released the new Oracle Social Services Suite that includes updated versions of Oracle’s Siebel CRM Public Sector 8.2 and Oracle Policy Automation 10.

One of the first software suites created specifically for social services, the Oracle Social Services Suite provides agencies with a complete, open and integrated platform for eligibility and case management in order to simplify eligibility determination increase caseworker efficiency and improve program effectiveness.
Siebel CRM Public Sector 8.2, the second Siebel CRM update for the public sector in just over a year through the “Applications Unlimited” program, includes new features for automated eligibility determination, benefits management, appeals, service providers and child welfare assessments.
* Helps ensures clients quickly receive the correct entitlements through client self-service with automated eligibility determination across channels; includes the capability to automatically re-determine eligibility and benefits when there are changes in circumstances; and enables management of changing policy rules while ensuring accurate and consistent determinations.
* Delivers supportive and protective services for children and their families via child welfare risk assessments, jointly designed service plans with agreed upon goals, activities and compliance, as well as management of case allegations for better child protection.
* Manages supporting partner and provider ecosystems with assessments, referrals and success-rate tracking.
* Tailors business process workflows and unique client data needs for an agency through configuration, not customisation.
* Enables quick and accurate implementation of legislative and regulatory policies throughout the agency and across applications in an organisation.
* View a complete 360-degree view of clients and their families through a citizen-centric case management foundation that is capable of bridging legacy program silos and systems.
* A Public Sector Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack that now includes Public Sector enterprise business objects support and integration between Siebel CRM Enterprise Case Management and Accounts Payable, Procurement and Tax.
* In Siebel CRM Public Sector 8.2, benefit eligibility is automated via integration with Oracle Policy Automation 10 to handle complex program rules and changes in circumstances.
"Oracle’s commitment to our social services customers is indisputable with the introduction of Oracle Social Services Suite and the latest innovations from Oracle’s Siebel CRM Public Sector 8.2 and Oracle Policy Automation 10,” says Anthony Lye, senior vice-president of CRM at Oracle. “Social service agencies have not only many of the most complex jobs to perform with limited time and funding, but also some of the most important for our society, especially when children are involved. The technology advances Oracle provides will help these agencies increase their own efficiency and save costs, while helping to improve the outcome for their clients."
"In these particularly tight budget years, agencies need a way to make incremental changes as they migrate to a modern solution. Oracle offers a componentised solution to the market that gives them an achievable modernisation strategy,” says Thom Rubel, vice-president of research at IDC Government Insights.