Axis Communications has introduced AXIS M11 Network Cameras, a new series of dependable and affordable professional cameras that support HDTV quality and the latest video compression standard, H.264.

The fixed cameras, available with a choice of CS-mount lenses, enable quick and easy installation and are ideal for securing stores, schools and public places.
“AXIS M11 Network Cameras have been designed to address a broad market where excellent video quality, easy installation and an attractive price are important criteria,” says Roy Alves, country manager of Axis Communications. “Given the quality and price level of AXIS M11 Network Cameras, we are convinced that they will play an important role in the on-going shift from analogue to digital, networked video surveillance.”
AXIS M11 Series comprises of:
* AXIS M1103 (fixed iris) and AXIS M1113 (DC-iris): SVGA; and
* AXIS M1104 (fixed iris) and AXIS M1114 (DC-iris): HDTV 720p /1 megapixel.
AXIS M1113 and AXIS M1114 have varifocal lenses featuring DC-iris, which allows the cameras to be used in areas with bright as well as low-light conditions.
AXIS M11 Series makes installation quick and easy. The pixel counter, for example, helps verify that the pixel resolution of an object or face meets regulatory or specific customer requirements. Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) enables power and video to be carried via the same cable. Digital PTZ allows an area of particular interest, cropped from the full view, to be streamed for viewing or recording. Thanks to their compact and clean design, AXIS M11 Network Cameras can easily fit into any housing.
All cameras in AXIS M11 Series provide multiple, individually configurable, high-resolution video streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG in up to 30 fps in full resolution.