South Afric'a automated clearing house, Bankserv, has acquired Document Solutions International (DSI).

Bankserv's CEO Pieter Cilliers explains that document composition, management and processing – known in commerce and industry as “integrated document management solutions” – has long been a daunting challenge.
“In the context of the billions of documents created every working day, organisations spend more money than they realise on output management owing to their reliance on paper-based information.
“DSI is a company that has developed expertise and experience in developing and implementing real world solutions for the financial, insurance, telecommunication and government sectors. Bankserv’s acquisition of DSI will place us in a position to offer our clients world-class integrated document management solutions.
“Through DSI’s technology and, service and pricing models our clients will have access to secure and personalised communication, information governance and enterprise print management, postal optimisation and in the process, achieve meaningful cost savings.
“Post-acquisition synergies will also open up opportunities to extend our DSI offerings by leveraging our well established ASP business model.”
Colin Branson, CEO of DSI, characterises his company’s services as comprehensive, ranging from document design and composition to system configuration and administration.
Bankserv is responsible for the majority of all interbank payments in South Africa.