Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 introduces extensive forecasting and analytics capabilities to gain more actionable insight and increase productivity.

New forecasting capabilities in Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 include flexible fiscal calendars for more productive business operations, the ability to perform both revenue and product quantity forecasting, and real-time information comparisons against current and historical forecasts for proactive pipeline management.
To increase sales productivity, Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 introduces usability enhancements and a newly redesigned user interface that enables sales teams to resize it to their preference, quickly navigate to relevant information with the new Head-Up Display, better manage lists, and customise field labels in Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant.
Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 maximises pipeline management with automated time-based workflows to manage sales, marketing, service and channels, while enabling accelerated time-to-value and accurate and timely updates.
Oracle CRM On Demand helps reduce administration time through automated migration and data loader tools, including Oracle Migration Tool On Demand to migrate customisations from one environment to another and the Oracle Data Loader On Demand to create, update and delete massive data volumes.
Extended Partner Relationship Management functionality in Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 facilitates further partner success with new support of partner-delegated administration and analytics for deal registration, funding, pipeline and more.
Oracle CRM On Demand Release 17 provides additional language support for Brazilian Portuguese and Norwegian, in addition to the 18 currently supported languages and multi-currency capabilities that improve user efficiency and information quality with the ability to work in a native language.
Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition delivers unique capabilities for rapid sales presentations plus simplified sample management and reporting. As a result, pharmaceutical companies can make every interaction count, reduce costs, increase distribution, and deploy everywhere. The Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition offline client is both sales representative and customer facing.
"When debating a new CRM system or an upgrade, the core question asked in many organisations today simply comes down to this: 'When will we see the payback?'" says Robert Mahowald, vice-president of IDC. "While the business value of CRM is undeniable, when it's deployed as a software-as-a-service offering customers see quick value for their investment, and built-in predictability. A hosted CRM service that provides proven sales team productivity, analytics and out-of-the-box, industry-ready applications, will have most users supplying the answer to their own question: 'right now.'"