Foxcom has completed the installation of BsmarTV fibre transmission equipment at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.

With a capacity of 70 000 spectators and hosting games like the semi-finals, it is critical that the broadcasting and HDTV quality is not compromised. Recognising that RF over fibre optic infrastructure is the key for superior multimedia broadcasting, Durban stadium organisers   proceeded with Foxcom's BsmarTV solution, providing unlimited capacity and uncompromised delivery performance.
Foxcom's BsmarTV products provide transmission and receiving equipment to accommodate a number of broadcasters over a single fibre, which is transparent when changing content providers. The result is a system that effectively transports and manages multiple services and broadcasters over a single fibre into the stadium.
In comparison to traditional copper based technologies, fibre optic has no bandwidth limitations and can lend itself to almost any type of traffic, analogue or digital. Copper would also require power boosting and connection at every 80m -100m, whereas fibre eliminates the risk of power failure and delivers a passive transmission along the route of the fibre.
Brad Hall, director of sales, comments: “The quality of viewing experience has never been so important with international audiences and world wide transmission distribution. This is apparent to the Durban organisers and why the choice of infrastructure is recognised as one to the most critical elements of the event's success.
“The BsmarTV suite of products installed at the Durban stadium provides a solution that can seamlessly support heightened demand and complexity of transmission requirements during the upcoming soccer matches, outperforming all traditional alternatives every time."