Emulex LightPulse and OneConnect adapters, which are available from Drive Control Corporation (DCC), are now optimised for use with the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series (formerly codenamed Westmere-EP) and the Intel Xeon processor 7500 series (formerly codenamed Nehalem-EX).

Tested with Intel's optimisation lab for interoperability and performance, Emulex's adapters maximise I/O bandwidth and throughput for data centre servers based on the new Xeon 5600 and 7500 series processors.
"Intel's new Xeon processor series is driving the x86 server refresh and accelerating the adoption of 8Gb/s Fibre Channel and 10Gb/s Ethernet in the data centre," says Raul Del Fabbro, storage division manager at DCC.
"Combining the power of Intel's next-generation processors with the performance of Emulex adapters will bring the improvements in throughput, connectivity and efficiency that enterprises require. With virtualisation technologies becoming pervasive and enterprises' data policies and processes demanding higher performance servers, Intel and Emulex can accelerate the return on investment (ROI) of these critical IT initiatives."
Critical for database and other I/O-sensitive workloads, the increased RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) features of the Xeon series processors and Emulex's Fibre Channel adapters will keep enterprises running at the high service levels expected of enterprise-class servers. Additional features such as Intel VT for Directed I/O in virtualised server environments, Error Correction Code (ECC) and protection for PCI Express 2.0, Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) and Message-Signaled Interrupts eXtended (MSI-X) for I/O intensive applications dramatically improve efficiency and performance, in turn offering accelerated ROI. Machine Check Architecture (MCA) recovery being offered through the Xeon processors will also provide increased fault tolerance and greater uptime.
"The new Intel Xeon processors mark another leap forward in technology, delivering scalable performance, flexible virtualisation, advanced reliability, higher availability and serviceability than ever before," says Rajen Naicker, Emulex Product Specialist at DCC. "High-bandwidth I/O connectivity solutions that support the advanced features of Intel's latest Xeon series processors can help customers maximise the performance and efficiency of their next-generation infrastructure equipment."
For virtualised server environments, Emulex vEngine Technology and N_Port ID Virtualisation (NPIV) will deliver significant advantages for maximising server consolidation and managing high-density virtual machine (VM) workloads across multiple physical servers. Specifically, enterprises will experience improved availability and network uptime and simplified storage and server management, all with less processor burden.