UniForum SA staff have agreed to give up their weekend in order to resolve the few remaining issues around co.za  registration and payment systems.

That’s according to UniForum SA Chair Theo Kramer, who promised the South African Internet community that all co.za services will be restored by the end of the weekend.
Most people would have been unaware of the downtime affecting the co.za registration service this past week as related Internet services, such as e-mail and websites, continued undeterred – thanks largely to the robust and disseminated nature of the domain name system. However, organisations who deal with the registration and updating of co.za  domain name records on a regular basis, would have noticed that UniForum SA (the co.za administrator) hasn't processed any updates or registrations since the beginning of the week.
According to Mark Elkins, one of the architects of the co.za system and a director of UniForum SA, the downtime was due to a hardware failure which affected several co.za systems.
According to Elkins, the co.za team has been hard at work over the past week in order to rebuild the hardware and to re-instate the co.za registration and payment systems.
"The rebuild and the reinstatement of the affected systems has been made all the more challenging due to the enormous body of data, which includes both current and historic records, associated with the co.za system," he says.
According to Calvin Browne, another director of UniForum SA: "Our systems started processing applications for domain updates and registrations since Thursday."
The good news is that this backlog was cleared this morning (9 April) and only two areas are still affected: the processing of domain name payments and credit card transactions, which are still being addressed."
“The unfortunate result of this is that people who have domain names with outstanding payments, are still currently unable to update their registration details,” says Browne.
Kramer adds that UniForum SA apologises unreservedly for any inconvenience caused to its stakeholders and to the local Internet community in general.
"The public and our stakeholders can be assured that we are doing everything within our ability to ensure that a repeat of this situation is avoided," he says.