Bulk freight transportation company, Triton Express likes to do business in large volumes – but when its phone bills started bulking up too, the company realised its communications costs were getting out of control. The answer was a phone call to Vox Orion, an innovative telecommunications company that is now delivering cheaper bills for the delivery company.

Triton Express has carved a niche by delivering freight for corporations and commercial clients throughout South Africa. It runs 10 branches across the country with its largest centres in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Vox was already providing Least Cost Routing (LCR) to Triton Express when Craig Comins became its National IT Manager last year. One of the first things he did was assess its phone bills and look for extra savings.
“Vox Orion provided LCR to four of our 10 branches to send our outbound calls via the cellular networks to avoid interconnection fees,” he says. “But that was just a small component of our expenses and the 24-month contract was ending, so I looked at what the market was offering in terms of technology.”
Comins spoke to five rival operators before deciding that Vox still offered by far the best all-round service. The new contract sees Vox Orion do far more for Triton Express than it previously did, and promises far greater savings too.  “Vox is probably the most professional organisation I have ever dealt with so it gives me confidence. Their prices were extremely competitive. They weren’t the cheapest but they had the best overall offer, and we require a professional service, not just the lowest cost,” he says.
Triton Express will now switch all its telephone numbers from Telkom to Vox Orion, using geographic number porting to keep the same numbers but switch service provider. Vox Orion offers customers a rebate on all incoming calls if their numbers are on its network, so Triton Express will now receive cash rebates every time a customer calls.
Vox Orion is also installing data lines from Triton’s offices to its own premises, so every outbound call will be routed to Vox first using its Cristal Vox service. Vox Orion will then put that call directly on to whichever cellular or landline network it is destined for.
Comins says the prime motive for overhauling its communications system and handing everything over to Vox Orion was to save money without sacrificing any quality. The Cristal Vox service will reduce call charges on outbound calls and give Triton Express rebates on incoming calls.
Comins expects to see a 30% discount compared to previous bills. “The rebates will certainly add a large percentage of that,” he says. “I’d guess we will cut our bills by about 20% on our outgoing calls and by up to 30% when the rebates are added in.”