As access and mobility become more integral in today’s business life, the mobile phone is playing an increasingly important role. In fact, in years to come this business tool that fits in your pocket will eventually bring together all the business tools that we interact with on a daily basis.

This is the view of Shane Solomon, marketing manager of Samsung Mobile South Africa, who says: “We are already seeing a convergence in technologies. What used to be a device for making telephone calls now becomes our ticket to connecting via social media, provides us immediate access to business critical emails and can even show us the way through GPS technology.”
Samsung Electronics has launched the Samsung B7330, a business phone that allows today’s professional to work smarter not harder through the seamless integration of your work and personal life.
“The B7330 allows you to connect both on a professional and social level with great messaging and social networking features as well as push email,” says Solomon. “Built on the Windows 6.5 operating system it also gives today’s businessman access to business features on the move.”
Optimised messaging becomes a reality with the B7330 with a full QWERTY keypad for easy typing as well as the Message Ticker which allows easy access to your messages.
“The B7330 allows the user a must faster, seamless connection to the internet with Wi-Fi, HSDPA and HSUPA,” says Solomon. “It also allows instant access to your Microsoft Outlook contacts, which means as a business person you never have to be left stranded without the detail you need on hand,” he adds.
The Samsung B7330 facilitates those critical connections we need as part of our everyday business lives. “The mobile handset also easily connects to PC, other mobile devices, as well as headsets and printers ensuring that you can be on top of the information flow for your organisation at all times,” Solomon says.