Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) in Namibia commends Interactive Intelligence’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) for exceeding expectations since deployment last year.

“We decided to replace our existing call centre solution with a more robust, multi-media VOIP solution in order to meet our customers’ current and future needs,” says Albertus Aochamub, GM: Corporate Affairs for MTC. MTC is based in Namibia and serves a client base of approximately 1.3 million active users. “Being easily contactable by clients has become increasingly important to a business’ competitive advantage,” he says.
CIC integrates phone calls, web chats, faxes and e-mail into a single VOIP contact centre application, ensuring optimum communication channels for interactions and creating increased accessibility of client and business users.
MTC decided on a VOIP solution in order to save overhead costs. According to Aochamub, “The total hardware costs are lower because there is no need for hardware ports used in traditional telephony hardware solutions. The servers are also smaller because there is no need for hardware cards or slots.”
Since deploying the solution in June last year, Aochamub reports that there have been no major challenges with the new system. In fact, he says, the CIC solution has exceeded the initial expectations of the company.
“We continue to see improvements in the quality of call routing and handling, system stability and availability,” says Aochamub. “CIC further provides extensive reporting on system performance. It also generates reports on team performance and individual performance, making it easy to track and address poor customer service delivery.”
While looking for a new call centre system, MTC’s primary goal was to find a solution that would not only better cater for existing business and customer needs, but would be able to deal with changing requirements.
“We are very happy with our choice. CIC is flexible, easy to deploy caters for continued developments,” says Aochamub. “We have already started incorporating some extra services to our call centre, like CIC’s Interaction Feedback module, and will continue to modify the solution as needs change.”