UltiSales Retail Software, part of the JSE-listed UCS Group, is to market its latest retail version – UltiSales Version 5 – in the UK via another UCS Group subsidiary.

Stephen Mallaby, MD of 20-year-old Ulti-Sales, says the company has almost 5 000 users in SA and neighboring countries, with  many still using the company’s earlier text/DOS-based versions introduced in the 1980s.
“We introduced UltiSales Version 5, our first fully-fledged Windows/SQL product, to our VAR channel in July last year and it is now really driving new sales. Migration from older versions to the new is expected to be gradual as many of our clients are still happy with our earlier versions  – which are also in the process of being upgraded.
“Our text/DOS-based Version 1 is probably the oldest point of sale software still being commercially used in this country and many of our clients – mostly the smaller ones – just don’t want to move from it due to its ease of use, rich functionality and stability."
He said that the plan for Version 1 and Version 3 is to provide clients with a variety of options that will cater for their different retail requirements.
"Part of our strategy is to launch Version 5 in the UK by leveraging off the international footprint of our holding company, UCS Group Limited," Mallaby adds.