Digital Science SA (DGS), has partnered with and implemented Kaseya’s automated managed service solutions with positive effects on the business.

According to DGS MD Daan van der Merwe: “Hardware has become more reliable today. Most system errors are caused by software (anti-virus) and operating systems. With Kaseya’s software solutions most of these errors can be prevented before they occur. Now we can manage all software problems proactively with preventative maintenance.
“We were always forced to work on the reactive fire and kill principal.  Now customer feedback is that their IT systems have been working smoothly since we have implemented Kaseya’s solutions despite barely seeing technical staff.”
For DGS the biggest impact Kaseya’s solutions have had is time. Its technicians would spend, at times, up to three hours traveling less than 50km. These delays frustrated customers who expected technical support within two hours.
Kaseya’s software solutions also take a large chunk of “human error” out of the equation as back-ups, patches and updates are all handled remotely.
It has also shifted a significant proportion of DGS’ business revenue, from problem-based to up-time based.