First National Bank’s (FNB) Cellphone Banking has clocked the 2-million registered customer mark.

Michael Jordaan, CEO of FNB says the milestone speaks to the bank's brand promise of helpfulness and innovation.
“When we launched FNB Cellphone Banking five years ago we did so with our customers in mind – we wanted to develop a solution that will make banking more accessible, affordable and convenient. This achievement is evidence of our goal to deliver an innovative solution of doing banking in a cost effective way.
“The evolution of cellphone banking has made it possible for our customers to easily and safely send money to loved ones back at home – this meant they no longer have to use informal and expensive methods of sending money,” adds Jordaan.
Ravesh Ramlakan, CEO of FNB Cellphone Banking Solutions, says this success is a direct result of being able to anticipate the right technology at the right time for customers.
“With the launch of FNB’s menu based Cellphone Banking offering in 2005, customers with any cellphone and on any network could access the service with no download or configuration required.
“This milestone also shows that cellphone banking is safe and is gaining popularity among customers. We are constantly innovating and developing our technology to ensure that we add value to our customer base,” adds Ramlakan.