The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) is designed to protect consumers from unfair marketing practices and poor manufacturing quality – and it has massive implications on just about any company the offers a product or service to the market. It means businesses will be more liable – and more accountable – not just what they produce, but how they sell it.

In the same way that the National Credit Act (NCA) regulates the way creditors deal with consumers, the Consumer Protection Act will regulate the way businesses deal with their customers. Like the NCA, the CPA provides fairness and equality across all consumer bases.
To help companies understand implications of the Act that the hadn't considered before, 2iC and Wilken Duff Attorneys are offering full-day seminars on how the new CPA affects everyone’s business.
“Fairness and equality are ephemeral concepts with vague practical application, which is why we have partnered with Wilken Duff Attorneys,” says Tracy Lawler, MD of 2iC. “We want to provide businesses with a real understanding of the Act and the application thereof. If you’re in business, this affects you."
The seminar will also explain the basic principles of one of the most difficult pieces of legislation to interpret: the National Credit Act.
Andrew Duff explains “By legally requiring companies and manufacturers to provide consumers with all relevant information and to provide it fairly, the CPA protects even those consumers who do not know their rights. In fact, companies are held accountable for communicating these rights to consumers before they enter into an agreement AND expressing these rights in a manner that all consumers can understand.”
This means that consumers can claim compensation from companies for poor products and unfair practices – including unfair marketing – and companies are open to a lot more liability.
“Not understanding the CPA or NCA could be detrimental to a company’s longevity,” says Duff.
The seminars will consist of an overview of both the NCA and the CPA, with a strong focus on the practical application of the law to each and every delegate’s business.
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