The mobile industry is growing rapidly and it's possible it will reach a landmark 50-billion commections by 2020.

This is one of the messages that Ericsson'spresident and CEO Hans Vestberg shared with shareholders at the annual general meeting in Stockholm this week.
"Today we already see laptops and advanced handsets being connected, but in the future, everything that will benefit from such connectivity will be connected," Vestberg said.
As an example of connected devices, Vestberg was joined on stage by Peter Håkansson, research engineer, who showed real life mobile health applications. Håkansson showed how heart monitoring can be done remotely over the mobile networks and explained the benefits for both patients and society.
Another growth opportunity Vestberg highlighted is the media industry. In 2009, Ericsson signed an agreement with TV4 Group to operate it nationwide playout service. Jan Scherman, CEO of the TV4 Group, joined Vestberg over video link from the TV4 offices. Scherman explained the rational for the deal and how TV4 can focus on content while their technical solutions are outsourced to Ericsson.