eScan's flagship product, eScan Internet Security Suite for Windows, has won another VB100 award.

eScan Internet Security Suite for Windows once again won the VB100 award with no false positives and nothing missed in the Wild List. Promoted by Virus Bulletin Magazine, VB100 certifications are amongst the most widely recognized certifications within the industry. First introduced in 1998, VB100 certification tests focus on virus detection rates, scanning speeds, as well as looking at how each product fares when scanning set files that are known to be clean.
For 2010, almost 60 products were accepted for testing on systems running bare XP Professional SP3, with no additional updates.
Commenting on the award, Govind Rammurthy, CEO & MD of eScan, says: “This is our 22nd VB100 award since 2003, the year we first participated in the VB100 tests. This year’s test benchmarks were particularly performance intensive especially in the clean sets and for large file scans. Winning the VB100 award in these conditions makes us very proud and encourages us to constantly innovate and provide the best Information Security Solutions to our customers.”
John Hawes, technical consultant & test team director at Virus Bulletin adds: “eScan has been a fixture in our comparatives for many years, and has gone from strength to strength in recent tests.”
On eScan’s performance, he adds: “In the detection test, eScan's scores were exemplary, with excellent rates in most sets and a reliably high level across the reactive part of the RAP sets. With nothing missed in the WildList and nothing of note in the clean sets other than a few warnings of corrupted files, eScan comfortably wins yet another VB100 award.”