As thousands of travellers around the world find themselves stranded far from home and work, technology is coming to the rescue to ensure that business carries on as usual.

While businesspeople may be absent in body, there's no reason why they can't continue working from whereever they are, using the ubiquitous Internet couples with technologies like software and a service and cloud computing.
Reports over the weekend detail how the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, stranded far from Oslo in New York, has been using his iPad to stay in touch and continue governing his country.
Meanwhile, many of Microsoft's country leaders find themselves stranded in Seattle following annual business meetings last week.
Although they were scheduled to return home on Friday, European leaders were stuck at headquarters with no clarity on when they might return home – but they're soldiering on with the business of running their offices nonetheless.
Microsoft UK Area vice-president Gordon Frazer (previously country manager of the South African operation), comments: “I’m doing work here using the cloud as if I were back in my office in the UK.
“It looks like I’m going to be here a little longer than I had planned.  I’m being told the soonest I may be able to return through London is probably mid-next week. While it’s spoilt the weekend, it’s not getting in the way of my business,” Frazer adds.