Gearing up to ensure that supporters are connected during the soccer World Cup, Internet Solutions has completed its 700th AlwaysOn hotspot in South Africa.

“We have effectively grown our Wi-Fi network by 50% year on year for the past two years,” says Justin Spratt, GM of Wi-Fi and VOIP Mobile at Internet Solutions. “At this stage roughly 70% of all per Mb hotspot traffic throughout the country resides on the Internet Solutions network.”
Internet Solutions has set up partnerships with large groups such as ACSA airports, Sun International, City Lodge, Extrabold, Three Cities Hotel Group, Mugg and Bean and the Seattle Coffee Company to name a few .
“These partnerships have allowed us to expand our hotspot network and ensure we have coverage where our customers need it most,” says Spratt.
The 700 AlwaysOn hotspots are made up of key locations through South Africa with a specific focus on the hospitality industry. “Our focus is very much around providing a great Internet experience for all the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup supporters and the media that are expected to attend this key event,” says Spratt. “This has been a very important goal for us leading up to June this year.”
End user and onsite support remains a critical priority for IS in ensuring that clients have a high-quality experience.
“We have built a support team with the right skills in place to ensure that we can cope with the potentially large increase in the volume of calls over the next couple of months,” says Spratt. “We are also catering for multilingual phone support, to ensure that our customers’ guests have a great experience.
“To date, we have tripled our ADSL capacity at key locations in order to meet the necessary demand that we foresee in a couple of months time,” Spratt adds. “The 13 international roaming agreements we have in place will even further enhance the experience consumers can expect.”