Today sees the official launch of Vodacom Business' Metro-Ethernet Fibre network (Metro E), a super-fast, last-mile fibre connection aimed at businesses in metropolitan areas which require a cost-effective, scalable and managed communications solution.

Metro E provides companies with a large variety of service speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps as well as greater control over how much bandwidth they need and total flexibility as to when they need it. The fibre optic network allows for easy and rapid transfer of large amounts of data and is ideally-suited to services that require smooth data provisioning like video conferencing.
“Companies are facing increasing bandwidth requirements as they deploy more high-bandwidth applications, such as voice, video and networked storage," says Ermano Quartero, managing executive of products and services at Vodacom Business. "But in order to deploy these applications, companies need a high-bandwidth, low cost, reliable 'last mile' service. Vodacom Business is now able to meet these needs with its Metro E service.”  
Metro E will connect businesses to a Wide Area Network, such as the Internet, and enable large companies to use the Metro E network to connect branch offices to mission-critical applications, as well as linking together offices in different metropolitan areas.
It is based on Vodacom’s extensive, high capacity optical fibre infrastructure which is centred on Vodacom Business’ Service Hubs in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.
According to Quartero, Metro E is targeted at enterprise and large business markets which require high-speed and reliable transmission links, supported by stringent service level agreements (SLAs). The Metro E fibre network has been laid along routes of large businesses which makes for easy access to the Vodacom Business fibre termination point – only 50m to 100m from their premises.
“Metro E provides companies with more control over their information and communications infrastructure, supported by the latest optic fibre solution," Quartero says. "And as Vodacom Business owns the last mile, there is no need for third-party suppliers – ensuring a guaranteed, managed Quality of Service.”
Some of the benefits it provides companies are super-fast connections with evenly matched upload/download speeds and the option to buy data in increments of 2Mbps, which lies at the heart of the offering, from its easy, one-device installation, to its efficient, effective service.
“Metro E from Vodacom Business will give organisations the agility required to compete in an exponentially changing world,” says Quartero.
He adds that Metro E is available immediately to all businesses based in South Africa’s major metropolitan areas.